Saturday, 20 October 2018

Tenant Nightmare Stories That Are Actually True

You may know what nightmares are. But what you might not be able to know about the tenant nightmares until you become a landlord. The tenant nightmares can prove to be even worse the than nightmares we know. While may tend to think that you can screen the tenants and avoid anything bad from the side of tenants. Well, this is not always the case. When you buy a rental property, you sometimes get the tenants already living there. And those tenants may be less than ideal ones. You probably have guessed what I am talking about when I said less than ideal.

Now, a few nightmare stories are worth describing here.

  1. A couple used to argue with each other every day and they had the habit of putting off their anger on the doors. The doors got broken from the hinges.
  2. A drunk tenant left the water running in the sink upstairs and then passed out. The water eventually ran downstairs.
  3. A drunken tenant bumped into the gas stove and turned the gas on before passing out. Another tenant called the utility company after smelling the gas. The utility company turned off the gas to entire building, leading to the panicking for all of the tenants and, of course, the landlord.
  4. It may sound unbelievable but some tenants were selling cars in the backyard of the house they rented.
  5. A landlord shared his story about renting out his property to someone who turned out to be a hoarder. Hoarders have the tradition of leaving everything behind in a mess.
  6. Another tenant starting using stove for the heating after the heater went out. They were of the opinion that they did not want to bother the landlords.
  7. A woman seemed to have fun shooting outside the window.

Do you want to be a landlord?
The purpose of telling these stories is not to discourage you from this mode of real estate investment. Remember, being a landlord can bring you the profit in pretty ideal manner. You just have to make sure that you are always ready to deal with any kind of situation. Without proper vigilance and proactive approach, you may not be able to cope with the pressure that messy tenants can cause.
In the end, you have to keep the fact in mind that every nightmare of a business can serve as a learning curve for you. while you are dealing with the bad situation, you automatically learn the things which are essential for you to learn if you are willing to earn bigger through real estate.

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